Отели в Cho Lach

Отели в Cho Lach со скидками до 60%

Вы можете подобрать дешевые отели со скидкой от 5 до 60%. Самая большая скидка, c которой нашла пользователи забронировали отили в Cho Lach, составила 51%. Мы собрали все скидки на отели в Cho Lach вместе, чтобы вам было удобнее найти дешевые гостиницы и отели!

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Jardin Du Mekong Homestay

Vin the proprietor is charming and did go out of his way to be helpful. Eg Picked us up from nearby town on his and his brothers scooter without hustling for money, free laundry, cooking lesson Evening supper is four course and excellent.

Gite Nam Hien Mekong

This was a real trip into rural Vietnam and off the usual tourist trail. The rooms were very comfortable and the dinners were outstanding. You will need your dictionary, however, as no foreign language is spoken.

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